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What others love about the Play Book

Kara Fortier, Playgrounding, says....

Before using the Finding Fun Play Book I was feeling really stressed and that my life is chaotic. By doing the exercises I felt some of my artificial restrictions were lifted and I have been able to change my inner self-talk. I stuck a photo of one of my adventures on the fridge to remind me about the joy I felt and to keep doing more of them.

Nancy & Amy Harrington, The Passionistas Project, say....

The Play Book has helped us step out of our comfort zones and given us permission to play. We now see each new experience — no matter how big or small — as an adventure. We're so excited to see what unexpected experiences Stacey helps us discover next.

Kate Connolly, quirkByoga, says...

By taking the actions suggested in the Play Book, I started doing some things out of the ordinary that ignite my soul.  Stacey's encouragement and faith that I can do the adventures I want to, help steady the scariness.  I've taken adventures I never believed I could, and am ready for MORE!

Meet Stacey, your Adventure Mindset Mentor

Over 10 years ago, Stacey started taking herself out on mini adventures after work on Wednesdays, to discover what she found fun (vs doing what everyone else wanted to do and going along with it).  While exploring interesting activities, she uncovered what she liked, what she didn't and that along the way life lessons were the treasures found.  Stacey started sharing her adventures (and insights) in her weekly inspirations found on  

Her vast experiences and deep insights have led her to go beyond the words on a page!  Now, as an Adventure Mindset Mentor,  she offers one-on-one sessions or group programs throughout the year to guide others to make their every day an adventure.

What's inside

Not sure where or how to start?

Are you endlessly wandering around, looking for love, wanting to unlock freedom? You know that you are meant for a more joy-filled life, but you feel lost when it comes to actually going for it.  This Play Book is filled with tips and action steps to get you to that starting line!

You can do this at home

No big travel trips or special equipment needed! Created from my vast experiences and in-depth research, I show you concepts that will take you from paralyzed to proactive.  Each step is designed to allow you to go at your own pace, in your own home, or wherever you take time for just you.

Rev your engine

As you go through the Play Book, your insights will rev your engines to creatively handle the bumps in the road, follow the path out of your comfort zone, into the enlightening highway of discoveries and on to creating & doing your own unique adventures.

10 Liberating concepts

Based on 10+ years of research and personal experience, you get access to ten liberating concepts that will guide you from feeling stuck, anxious or stressed to empowered to enjoy life on your terms

Inspirational stories

Some concepts come to life when someone like you has gone through them! I am your Guide, filled with stories to help inspire you when you feel doubts or may be afraid of failing.

Journal your path

Plenty of prompts for you to record all your thoughts, feelings and actions!  This is a great place to get to know where you are right now, and when you're done...see where you were!

privacy policy  Photo credits: Stacey by Hannah Cohen; Kara by Miles Actually; Amy & Nancy by Pupp Etzioni